Learn to Build Rustic Furniture

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My name is Jeff, and I love to build rustic furniture and things out of twigs, branches, logs, and other natural materials. I also like to call it building the natural way.

This site is dedicated to helping you learn to make your own rustic furniture.

Making furniture the natural way has become a hobby and passion for me over the past several years. (Click here to read My Story of how I started building rustic) I have built many different things for our home, yard, and garden, and have had the privilege of teaching others as well. I would like to see more people take up this wonderful hobby that works with natural elements, is friendly toward the environment, and is very inexpensive.

Since I began building the natural way, my interest and passion in the hobby has continued to grow. For some time, I have been interested in sustainable living and building green. Building furniture the natural way encourages both.

Starting this website seemed like a logical step for me to share my hobby with others. It is my hope that through this website you will be inspired to learn how to make your own natural and rustic furniture.

On the pages of this site, you will find articles on building a variety of indoor furniture , outdoor furniture, animal furniture, garden arbors, trellises , and other decorative accessories. May these articles inspire you and help you in your endeavor to build beautiful things for your home, yard, and garden.

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