Cheap Garden Furniture For Pennies?

Cheap garden furniture does not have to mean poor quality. Not when you can easily build your own beautiful furniture for next to nothing.

Whether you have a garden oasis, deck, or patio you can have the furniture that you have always dreamed about! And when I say cheap, I mean cheap!

To build your own patio furniture set like this, it should cost no more than $20 plus your time. How is this possible you ask?

Build Rustic Furniture! That's my motto and the name of this website.

If you have never heard of building rustic furniture check out this link ( Building Basics )to learn more about this great hobby and then get started building your own cheap garden furniture.

The ideas for building garden furniture are only as vast as one's imagination. This site will give you some great ideas and help you learn the art and skill of building rustic furniture.

When it comes to deck, patio, or garden furniture there's no better place to start than with a table and chairs. Just about any garden oasis or patio can be turned into a rustic get-a-way with the addition of a table and chairs. These links will give you instructions for each.

While you are at it, you can make a chair to fit your child or even their own patio set to match.

A garden bench like this one can make any part of the yard or garden into a unique focal point and can also add a cozy feeling to any garden meditation place.

You to can build your own beautiful garden furniture. No more plastic junk from Wal-Mart not when you are building rustic furniture.

If you like these ideas check out the home page or use the navigation bars to the left of the screen to learn about the many other things that can be built the rustic way.

Happy Building!

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